Washed and unwashed coco peat difference

Coco peat is  a very good raw material for agriculture, especially high-tech agriculture. Fresh coconut husk (untreated) contains 2 important substances that greatly affect the roots of sprouts, the most are 2 Tannins (the acrid substance found in tea, coco peat, … soluble in water) and Lignin (an astringent that dissolves only in alkaline media). These two ingredients block all the suction lines – inhale the nutrients of the sprouts’ roots, which are difficult to decompose. If used directly, it will stunt the plant, slow growth or poison the seedlings leading to death.

It will be difficult to distinguish and often occurs the situation of hanging goats selling dog meat. How to distinguish washed and unwashed coco peat?

1. By Color, sensory:

Coco peat Vietnam
Coco peat Vietnam

Unwashed coco peat  is usually light yellow (color of fresh coconut shell) and very dry in hand, while washed coco peat color is often a reddish brown color and has very high moisture content (due to soaked and washed with clean water many times, giving very good hydration). People often wash coco peat in water, if the water turns reddish brown, it is untreated coco peat. However, some types of treated coconut humus when soaked still give brown water because they only need to be treated up to standards. So this way only feels by feeling, not really accurate.

2. By water absorption

washed and unwashed coco peat
washed and unwashed coco peat

Pouring coco peat by water, you will find unwahsed coco peat has poor water absorption ability and treated coconut can hold water well.

3. By EC and PH idication  

EC tester
EC tester

Using 2 criteria is electrical conductivity (EC) and pH indicator (very important criterion of the soil) to evaluate coco peat.

Criteria EC PH
Unwahsed coco peat EC: > 2.5 PH: > 7
Washed coco peat EC: < 0.5 mS PH: 5.5-6.8

For growing coco peat, the lower the EC indicator, the better the salt treated coco peat. And readings below or above 0.5mS/cm are standard readings. For the types of growing media that require good handling of salinity, an EC value of < 0.5 mS/cm is required.Washed coco peat has a neutral pH between 5.5 and 6.8. The pH of coir pith is ideal for most plants, with the exception of acid-loving plants such as rhododendrons, blueberries, etc.

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Vietnam coco peat
Vietnam coco peat

Viet nam cocopeat


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