Vietnam coconut fiber

The application and uses of coconut fiber have a very long history, Coconut coir is made out of the external hard (shell of coconut husk) part of coconut fruit so it is 100 % natural product which is recyclable green products with a great number of usage and advantages. Consequently, Coconut fiber becomes a huge industry that can create lots of value-added products.

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As Trending Top Most  Magazine, Viet Nam coconut fiber is one of 10 leading coconut planters, producers, and exporters in the world. And we are one of among strong and largest coconut producers and exporters in Vietnam with more than ten years of experience. We have factories in Binh Dinh province, one of the main areas of planting and producing coconut of Vietnam.  With the profuse raw materials, skilled workers, well-equipped production technology, and strict quality management. Hence, we are totally confident to provide competitive quality and a good price.

Vietnamese Coconut fiber:

Usage: erosion controls, doormat, runner and mats, paintbrush, upholstered furniture, automobile parts, brooms and brushes, ropes and cord, mattress

Advantages: Strong, Resilient, Durable, Remarkably lightweight due to hollow structure, 100% environmentally friendly and organic

Characteristics: GRADe A

  • Color: Gold brown
  • Moisture: 20 % (+-2%)
  • Dust and impurity: 3% max
  • Length of fibre: 5-25cm
  • Weight: 100kg/bale (Pressed in bale: 100kgs/bale, steel wire strapping/plastic strapping)
  • Cont 20 ft: 7.00 – 8 MTS – Cont 40 ft: 15 – 16.00 MTS

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