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Among all the fruits, coconut is probably the most popular and has the most uses. In Southern Vietnam, coconut can be found in Ben Tre, a province which has been famous for this kind of fruits for many years.

Coconut can be easily found in the market or on the streets, especially in summer time. There are 2 main  kind of exported coconuts:

Young coconut

Young coconut is tasty, refreshing and loaded with many minerals and nutrition so it is one of the agriculture products that attracts thousands of consumer in international market and are becoming a trendy beverage in recent years.

Product Name Young Coconut
Product Type Tropical & Sub-Tropical Fruit
Cultivation Type: Organic
Weight (kg) 1200 – 1500 gram
Feature Fresh fruit
Taste Sweet drink
Place of Origin Ben Tre, Vietnam
Ben Tre coconut
Ben Tre coconut
Ben Tre coconut
Ben Tre coconut
Viet nam young coconut
Viet nam young coconut
Viet nam young coconut

Semi husked coconut or dried coconut

Semi husked coconut can be used for food and beverage industry production or for coconut milk , coconut oil, coconut jelly production…

Colour Natural color and brown
Maturity 100% matured, delicous, nutrious
Grade Premium
Weight 700 gm to 1200 gm
Size 12 to 14 cm
Packing 25-30 nuts/bag
40ft container packing 900-1100 bags (appr 26 tons/ cont 40 HC)
Delivery time 5-7 days
Origin Ben Tre – Viet Nam
Used Food & Beverage, bake, oil… etc
semi husked coconut
semi husked coconut
semi husked product - coconut milk
semi husked product – coconut milk

Vietnam coconut – the best coconut in the world

Semi husked coconut
semi husked coconut
semi husked coconut
semi husked coconut for export
semi husked coconut for export
semi husked coconut

Viet Nam is one of EIGHT leading coconut planters, producers and exporters in the world, thanks for MEKONG DELTA, the quality of Vietnam coconut is always to be among the best one.

Viet Nam, with the advantages of large copra nut area, is currently one of the tenth most productive countries in term of related products.

COCO HITECH JSC is manufacturer of Coconut products so we are confident to supply and control product quality in our hand. We have a 25.000 m2 factory with 30 skilled workers that lead us able to deliver hundred tons of semi husked coconut monthly. If you want to find the best qualified young coconut, dried coconut, semi husked coconut or coconut products such as coir fiber, coir mat, coir net, coir peat… COCO HITECH JSC is the best choice for you.We always welcome your inquiries about our company and our products.

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