Coconut coir net for erosion control are getting more popular in Europe, USA and Korea

 What is outdoor coconut coir net (coir mat)?

A coir net rolls

Coir net are made up of 100% natural fibres. Coir netting are these coconut fibers are twisted into thicker and stronger strings which are then tied into coir mats. Coconut fiber twisted in lines, after that making it into the frame used for producing of coir mat according to customer’s requirement

What Coconut coir net (coir mat) used for?

  • Coir net to controll erosion in Europe

Coir mat help prevent soil erosion is top and most important usage

  • Covering barren hills.

Covering hill & stop hill erosion in Europe

  • Coir net coir mat use for paving is very popular in Korean 

Coir mat paving in Korea are getting so popalar and beloved

  • Natural art decord

Art decors in hotel look warmly and luxury

What help coconut coir net coir mat mat become more popilarity

  • Durability
  • Natural- eco friendly material
  • Cost-effective
  • Versatile
  • Prevents slips

Cocohitech coir net coir mat, 100% natural hand made product

Coco Hitech JSC is a manufacturing and exporting company which is specialized in making coconut products, especially coir mat to supply in international market. With a view to bring the best coir mats to business partners and make contribution to a more sustainable life, Coco Hitech JSC is doing a good job in maintaining the good quality of each product while trying to cut unnecessary costs to provide customers the best price ever. As quality is the first factor in our priority, you will not have to be worried about product quality when doing business with Coco Hitech JSC.

Our “Made in Vietnam” coir net coir mat are shipped to the world everyday by Coco Hitech team.

Cocohitech coir mat exported to Korean


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