Type of coir net coir mesh for soil erosion control

What is coir net?

Coir net are made up of 100% natural fibres. Coir netting are these coconut fibers are twisted into thicker and stronger strings which are then tied into coir mats. Coconut fiber twisted in lines, after that making it into the frame used for producing of coir mat according to customer’s requirement.

Kind of coir net for soil erosion control?

There are 2 main kinds of popular coir net used for soil erosion control  : coir net 700 gram/ m2 and coir net 200 gram/ m2

coconut coir net
coconut coir net
Gross weight 700 gram 200gram
Rolls size 2m x 20 m / 2m x 25m or customized 2m x 20 m / 2m x 25m or customized
Color Natural brown Natural brown
Mesh aperure size 2-3 mm 4-5 mm
Material 100% natural coir fiber 100% natural coir fiber
Thickness 10 mm 5mm
Tensile strength 20 kN / m2 along

10 kN / m2 across.

20 kN / m2 along

10 kN / m2 across.

Number of line 40 x 40 lines/m2 double x double 36×36 lines/m2 double x double
Weight (tolerance) 5% 5 %
Loading in 40” HC 600 rolls 1600 rolls
Slope (Recomended) Slope: 1:2 – 1:1 Slope: 1:2 – 1:21
Durability: 3-5 year 3-5 year
Packing list 5 rolls/bale: 320 bales/ cont 40” HC 3 rolls/bale: 200 bales/ cont 40” HC

Benefit of using coir net

Coir net for soil erosion control
Coir net for soil erosion control
coir net for soil erosion control
coir net for soil erosion control
• Long-Lasting : 3- 5 year
• Great for Stabilization or Longer Growth Periods
• Heavy Duty Netting for Increased Stability
• Perfect for Areas in Need of High Strength
• Enhances Steep Slopes or Areas with Increased Flow
• Enviroment-friendy, biogradeable

Coir net of Vietnam – COCO HITECH JSC

Vietnam Coir Net - Coco Hitech
Vietnam Coir Net – Coco Hitech
Vietnam coir net
Vietnam coir net

Coir net for soil erosion

COCO HITECH coir net is not purely a trading company which collects coir mats in large quantity of several factories and then resell them to business partners as an intermediary. We own a large factory in which more than 30 workers are working hard everyday to make high quality products. We always take strict control of the product quality from manufacture to preservation and delivery to make sure that our partners receive products in the best condition. Our coir mats have gained good reputation in the Korea market. After taking up a large market share in Korea, now we are heading to Europe and American market.

Your supports would be the best encouragement for our company to stretch out to the global market and make contribution to building up a cleaner and more sustainable life.

Coir net packing
Coir net packing
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