Production Process of Coir Mat and Coir Rope In Vietnam.

The most common type of coir rope that is manufactured in Coco Hitech factory is the one that is 16-18mm in thickness. Thanks to the abundant source of input coconut materials, we are able to provide customers up to 5 containers per week. Besides the main type of coir rope, we also produce other coir ropes in different thickness to meet the demand of customers. All the sizes of coir rope produced in Coco Hitech JSC are as follows:
( 13-14mm ) x 200m ( 16- 18mm ) x 200m ( 3-4mm ) x 2000m ( 5-6mm ) x 1500m

If you are interested in our coir rope, please contact us through the number below:
Representative: Mr. Ryan ( Vietnam ): +84 938244404
Miss Lan ( Korea ): kakaotalk id: hoailan98

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Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Tel: ‭+8493 8244404‬ (Vietnam)

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