Low EC coco peat and high EC coco peat

What is coco peat or coco pith?

Coconut Peat
Coconut Peat

Coconut peat is created in the process of separating coconut fiber from coconut shells. Coconut peat is a natural ingredients often used in agriculture and many industries. It is a 100% organic, natural and bio-degradable substance which was the by-product of Coconut Fibre Extraction process, but not any more. It is now the co-product of coconut fibre extraction process.

 Advantages uses of coconut peat/Coir Pith:

coco pith
coco pith
  • Improve the condition and texture of soil
  • Retain moisture and enrich soil
  • Help ventilate air inside soil
  • Boost the growth of roots and plants
  • Contain natural organic supplement for the growth of plants
  • Provide an eco-friendly alternative for sustainable future

Kind of coco peat

There are 2 kinds of coco peat: washed (low EC) and unwashed (high EC)



Specification of low EC coco peat (washed coco peat)

Weight : 5 kgs/block
Size of block : 30 x 30 x 12cm
Moisture : < 15%
Impurity : < 3%
EC : 0.5 mS/cm
pH : 5-7
Sifted by mesh : 5 mm
Compress ratio : 5/1
Expandation : 1 Blocks will expandable up to 70 liters
Packing : 22 pallet/ 22 tons/ cont 40 feet
Viet nam coco peat block
Viet nam coco peat

Specification of unwashed coco peat (original coco peat):



Weight : 25 kg/ bag
Bag size : 30* 110 cm
Moisture : > 15%
Impurity : < 3%
EC : 4-5 mS/cm
pH : 5-7
Packing : 100 bags/ container 40”
Price : very cheap
Coco peat for plants
Coco peat for plants

Where to buy coco peat? COCO HITECH coco peat export to the world

vietnam cocopeat

COCO HITECH JSC are the manufacturer of coconut palm products as coco peat, coco husk, coir mat, coir rope and coir net… As you know, coconut palm products are environmental – friendly matters being extracted coconut husks, and used for agricultural propose and allied industries and used for furniture, decoration, engineering work, gardening, road, soil erosion waste water filter, air filter, cosmetics etc.

If you are interested in products made from coconut, please contact us for more information:

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