Coir Mat make by Coco Hitech Jsc

   Our company are producing Coir Mat with the following sizes:

0.6m 0.8m 1.0m 1.2m 1.5m 2.0m
250 rolls/cntr 190 rolls/cntr 164 rolls/cntr 132 rolls/cntr 110 rolls/cntr 78 rolls/cntr


 Coir Mat has several functions as follows: Covering tracking trails, river banks, dams,…or places that run the risk of being eroded due to flood, Retaining soil and creating favorable environment for plants to grow without worrying about erosion, greening bare hills.

Coir Rope
coir mat coir rope coconut husk chips Coco Hitech Jsc Vietnam

 Coir Mat is an environmental-friendly product because it can dissolve into organic soil for plants to grow.

 With the advantages in factory, large warehouse, abundant input material source, modern technology and the skillful hands of our artisans who have more than 10 years experiences, our company is able to provide 10 containers of high quality Coir Mat, meeting the demand of strict market such as Korea and Japan.



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