Top ten popular coconut products

Coconut is one of the most nutritious fruit commonly used as a kitchen ingredient. By now we know that the coconut is a very versatile fruit that can give a range of products to be used both as food or as an ingredient in beauty products.

Out of coconuts we can get 10 different food products namely:

  1. Coconut Oil
    coconut oil
  2. Coconut Milk
    coconut milk
  3. Coconut Cream
    coconut cream
  4. Coconut flakes
    coconut flake
  5. Coconut water
    coconut water
  6. Coconut Flour
    coconut flour
    coconut flour
  7. Coconut Sugar
    coconut sugar
    coconut sugar
  8. Coconut Butter
    coconut butter
    coconut butter
  9. Toasted Coconut Chips
    toasted chip coconut
    toasted chip coconut
  10. Sparkling Coconut Water
    spraking coconut water
    spraking coconut water


Young Coconut
Young Coconut – CocoHitech JSC Vietnam

Viet Nam is one of EIGHT leading coconut planters, producers and exporters in the world, thanks for MEKONG DELTA, the quality of Vietnam coconut is always to be among the best one .

Viet Nam, with the advantages of large copra nut area, is currently one of the tenth most productive countries in term of related products.

COCO HITECH  – COCONUT PRESTIGE EXPORTER is located in Ben Tre, a province of South Vietnam, is the center of alluvial soils gathering from Mekong Delta, become an ideal place to provide copra nuts in top notch quality and quantity recognized by the world. Cocohitech is proud to be top supplier of fresh agricultural products in Vietnam to all over the world such as fresh coconut, semi husked coconut, coconut fiber, coconut peat, outdoor coir mat for paving, coconut rope… .

Coconut coir mat net
semi husk coconut vietnam

If you want to find the best qualified young coconut, dried coconut, semi husked coconut or coconut products such as coir fiber, coir mat, coir net, coir peat… COCO HITECH JSC is the best choice for you.We always welcome your inquiries about our company and our products.

Representative: Mr. Ryan ( Vietnam ): +84 938244404

Miss Lan ( Korea ): +84 969 273 598




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